1950 DeSoto

Don Warnaar with his DeSoto

Named for the Spanish explorer Hernando deSoto, the DeSoto was produced by Chrysler from 1929 to 1961. When the Chrysler product line included Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler, the DeSoto was considered to be above the Dodge and below the Chrysler. It was discontinued November 30, 1961, just a few weeks into the 1961 model year.
Chrysler had plants in Detroit and Los Angeles building the DeSoto. This car was built in Detroit and is one of the 18,489 DeLuxe 4 doors produced.
1950 DeSoto colors were Pacific Blue, Glen Green, Silver Gray, Princess Yellow, Nubian Bronze poly, Cadet Gray, Royal Maroon, Samoa Beige poly, and Glade Green poly. The engine is a 236.7 CID 6 cylinder flat head, 7.0/1 CR, 112 HP. The options for 1950 were Tip Toe hydraulic shift with Gyrol fluid drive ($121), radio, heater, chrome full wheel covers, directional signals, back up lights, whitewalls, electric clock, lighted hood ornament, two tone paint.

This DeSoto Deluxe was purchased new by Cornellius Warnaar, Don's father, in August of 1950. Don inherited the car in 1971. In 1984 it had 60,000 miles on the odometer. 40 years later the odometer reads 68,086. It is likely the garage in these pictures has been its home since 1950. In February of 2024 the car came to the Golden Lion Garrages. It has not been running for many years and there is a lot to learn about this car.

The first thing the car needed was a bath. I am surprised how nice the wheel covers are; no dents and some have the red DeSoto logo still there. The door panels are in good shape. I don't know how the seats are under the seat covers. The doors open and close solidly, the windows roll up and down easily. The engine radiator will need attention but for now we leave the car to air out, stored for the winter.

I found these photos from September of 1972.

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