Golden Lion Grrrages
1956 Chrysler 300B

I came across a B for parts. VIN 3N561093, engine serial number: 3NE561105.

This was an early build car -- Jan 25 date.
The carbs on this engine are 2317S, 1955 C-300 carbs.

Papers with the car show previous owners:
George Booth Dunbar, Kenilworth, Ill., 3-13-1959.
Emmett Blumgren, Spanish Fort, Alabama, February 1984.
Lou Smalarz, Sr., Pompano Beach, FLA. No date.
Bob Mittnight, Stephentown, NY., approx 1990.

Originally, this was a white car. Mileage when received: 16,291. Right front grille cracked.
No front emblem. No bat wing air cleaner. No radiator shroud.
The battery tray area was corroded through.
I had the car running just before dismantling. There was no saving the front clip.
Except for the hood and the left grille half, it all went to the dump.
The engine went into the red B.

The air conditioning was an after market addition.