Golden Lion Grrrages             1956 Chrysler 300B

300 B production: 1,102 coupes, 0 convertibles.

This car is one of 30 produced with the 3 speed manual transmission.

Manual transmission Bs used the 1955 Chrysler instrument panel, note the shifter block off plate and the absence of the push button shift. Chrysler used the steering wheel and column from 1954 for these cars, the horn button from 1953.
Don Warnaar writes: The steering wheel used in the manual transmission 300B was a carryover from earlier years. The clue is that it had the old ribbon and seal Chrysler logo in the center. No other Letter 300 ever had that logo on it. (except maybe on a tag under the hood). The 1953 was the last time it appeared on the exterior of any Chrysler until they brought it back on the Cirrus many years later. It had been featured from the beginning in 1924 until 1953. Most recently it was at the center of the winged logo.

This car was purchased in 2011 from the estate of David O Shoemaker Jr. The Connecticut title says David Shoemaker purchased the car June 10, 1988 from Erick F Lieder of Central Point, Oregon. At that time the odometer read 64,060. As of November 2011, the odometer reads 67,802.

In November of 2022 the car has a new home in North Carolina.

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