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1957 Chrysler Saratoga
This car was one of the very last 1957 model Chryslers to be built. It was delivered on October 3, 1957 to Charles Snook of Fayetteville, NY by Rusterholtz and Rossell Chrysler dealers, Syracuse, NY.
In 1966 the car went into storage in the barn of Mr. Snook's grandson where it stayed until I bought it in 1994.
The odometer had only 66,000 miles at that time. This car has power windows & seat, tinted glass, two tone paint, twin antennas, deluxe radio, and rear defogger.

This is the car as purchased in 1994.

Off to the restoration shop
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rearquartw rearquart2w
This is the original interior.
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I bought the car from the original owner's grandson. He said this was the last car his grandfather bought. When he became too old to drive, he wouldn't let them sell the car and they put it in the barn. They had plans to fix it up but never did and when I bought it, it was in pieces. Still, I could tell this car had not received a lot of use; the power window switches are tight and crisp, the dash gauges have bright original colors, the ignition key fits tight in the cylinder.

Probably the most outstanding feature of this car is the fit of the body panels. The 57 Chryslers were notorious for bad fit of the doors and of the trunk lid yet this car is spot-on. Most often, you need a good slam to shut the doors on a 57 Chrysler but these latch with a gentle touch. Perhaps being a late build, Chrysler had worked out these problems.
This is the 354 Polyhead engine with the cast iron Torque-Flite transmission ready for installation.
354 Poly
1957 Saratoga

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