Golden Lion Grrrages
1961 Chrysler 300G

Production of the 300 G:
1,280 coupes, 337 convertibles.
401 coupes and 118 convertibles have been found.
This was the last year for the cast iron Torque-Flite transmission.

The original window sticker for this car

This car was sold new by Pamunky Motor Sales, 14th Street, West Point, VA. on March 15, 1961 to Robert Ellwanger. I found a letter dated November 19, 1973 from O. S. Hunt at Chrysler Customer Relations to Bob Ellwanger Bob had asked about using radial tires and Hunt says no. Bob also asked about parts and Chrysler said they maintain stock for 10 years and that it has been depleted. Chrysler suggested he go to his dealer or to local salvage years. Even in 1973 they had trouble finding G parts!
I also found records of trips to the dealer for complaints on hard to start.
In 2001 I sold this car to Luther Caudle of Richmond Virginia.
Luther remembers seeing this car in 1961.

In 1999 this car came from Carl Bilter. He bought it from Guy Morice in 1983.

In my travels I came across a spare G engine.
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