1984 Seville

One of the "bustle-back" Sevilles made from 1980 to 1985, this 1984 was purchased new by Don Warnaar. Used sparingly and only in good weather, the car has 10,350 miles in 2020 and is still on the original tires.
They say the Bill Mitchell "bustle-back" was a love-it or hate-it design but GM sold nearly 40,000 Sevilles in 1984, so there you go.

Available with a gas or Diesel, we have the gas 4.1 L HT4100 V8 with 135 hp. The base price for the Seville was $22,468 and this car had a sticker of $25,746. It is paint code 67L, dark briar brown and was built in June of 1984.

A few things to do for the road.

Fresh gas is always a good idea. I pumped about 7 gallons to empty, and the fuel was still with good odor and color.
I blended the old fuel with fresh and used it in the daily driver without problem.

A check of the exterior lights says everything is OK. Cars of this era had cornering lights.......just one of those touches I like.
GM used fiber optic light pods on their fenders to mimic exterior light function.
I am a big fan of the wire wheel covers used on cars of the 80's. Disatisfied with my initlal cleaning, I decided to
remove the covers and disassemble for better access to the parts and pieces.

Before cleaning

The finished wheel cover.

The wheel cover is retained with a special bolt.

The spare tire is inside a carpet bag.

The under hood cooling and emissions sticker.

Special pills needed to prevent corrosion.

The various emission devices.

Let's get started cleaning the interior.

The rear seat lower cushion after Lexol.

The front seats after Lexol.

The trunk pull down motor.
This trunk pull down is a clever system used on GM products for many years. The latch saddle is looking for ground. When the trunk lid is lowered and touches the saddle, it finds ground and the motor activated, turning the screw drive and drawing down the saddle, closing the lid. When the saddle hits the down stop, it turns off. When the trunk lid is unlocked, the motor reverses and raises the saddle to its top position.

Motor disassembly is quick and easy.
Sometimes the trunk motor was running but the lid didn't close. I removed the motor assembly and found the driven gear had lost some teeth. If you look close at the next picture, at 12:00 you can see some short teeth. New gears are available for a few dollars.


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