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1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow

Chrysler built the Airflow for only 4 years; 1934 to 1937.
This is the "C2" model. 48 of the 2,398 survive (2%).

To get an idea of life in 1935:
- Amelia Earhart flies solo across the Pacific.
- Du Pont chemist Wallace Hume Carothers creates nylon, the first completely synthetic fabric.
- Aircraft detecting radar is pioneered by Robert Watson-Watt in England.
- President Roosevelt signs the US Social Security Act.
- The China Clipper makes the first Pacific Airmail delivery.
- Gasoline is 10 to 19 cents/gal
- House costs $3,500 to $6,300 to buy, rent is $22.00 per month
- Bread is 8 cents/loaf, milk is 47 cents/gal
- Postage Stamp: 3 cents
- Unemployment is 20.1%
- Average Annual wages: $1,550
- Prices for a 1935 Chevy began at $560, this Airflow cost $1,475 and Chrysler built 2,398 of them.
Outdoors, the paint looks grey.
Indoors, the paint is more brown.
Originally the car was black.
No matter, the Art Deco influence is fantastic in any color.
Notice the car has no exterior trunk lid.
1934 and 1935 Airflows had a trunk area behind the rear seats.

Did you know the new car warranty in 1935 was 90 days or 4,000 miles?
This is the only place on the entire car where I find the word "Imperial".
More of the instrument panel.
The radio dial is between the gauge cluster and the glove box door.
Art-deco heater.
The heater doors fold and flip.
The sill plates wear the "Airflow" insignia

The data tag, under the hood, passenger side, upper area inner fender.
Paint code 108; this car was originally black.
Strange but correct keys.

Original choke with electric heat for clearing a flooded engine.

The headlight lenses are glass, made by C. M. Hall Lamp Company

The battery is under the front seat. The seat cushion lifts off for access.
This car has an 8 volt battery. 6 volt was standard.

Front seat showing the tube frame, the battery box cover.
The seats are elevated from the floor and allow air to circulate front to back.

I am surprised how much wood there is in the car.
The floors are wood. The base of the seats are made of wood.
This is the lower front seat cushion, upside down.
The vent portion of the front window retracts with the main window.
Doors open to 90 degrees.

The tools of the time. This is the rear hub puller.

This was a modern timing light.

Original plans called for Chrysler to produce the Airflow only in the DeSoto line but then expanded Airflow models to the Chrysler line and to the Chrysler Imperial line. Although there were plans for a Plymouth and a Dodge Airflow, this never happened.

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