1937 Chevrolet Master Coupe
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1937 Chevrolet Master Coupe

This coupe was purchased from the family of the original owner.
So many have been turned into hot rods, it is rare to find these cars in original condition.

This is the Business Coupe. You could also get the Sport Coupe -- it had a rumble seat.

The title is in the name of the family from West Virginia and the car has a current W VA inspection.

One windshield wiper? Yes, the Master had only one. The Master Deluxe had two.

One tail light? Yes, the Master had only one. The Master Deluxe had two.

Style No: First two numbers are year (37 is 1937 Model Year)
Next two numbers are the model (10 = Master Deluxe and 12 = Master)
Last two numbers are the body style (17 indicates a business coupe)
Body No: First letter is the Fisher body plant location code (T= Terrytown NY)
The number 2159 is the body number assigned by the Terrytown plant
Paint 214 means gun metal grey.

The interior is original. And a bit rough. But for 82 years old..........

216 Blue Flame OHV 6 cylinder. It has been rebuilt recently.
I don't think this is the original engine.

I see some modification to the oil fill / road draft tube. Perhaps some sort of PCV.

The DMV went to extra effort to provide a 1937 plate.

The Business Coupe. Note the long truck lid
and the gas filler location.

The Sport Coupe. Note the truck lid for the rumble seat.