revised 08/23/19
Ram Carburetor Base Gaskets

Here is a picture of an original gasket.
Short rams and long rams use the same gasket.

The thickness is .120"

If you were to buy a new gasket from your parts store, you will find it is much thinner.
That is because the gasket material in .120" thickness has long been discontinued.
For proper choke operation it is important that the gasket thickness is maintained
otherwise the distance between the choke and carb choke is decreased with the thinner gasket.

The answer is to use two .062" thick gaskets in a sandwich as shown.
Original on left, new on the right.

Two new gaskets measure .125"

A note about gasket material:
It is normal for this material to lose moisture if exposed to ambient conditions. Gaskets will shrink when they dry.
We ship the gaskets in a plastic bag and recommend you store them in the plastic to prevent shrinkage.

Aug 2019

$2.00/each + $5.00/lot to ship within US
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