Seat Belt Anchors
in a
1962 Chrysler 2 door

In 1962, all Chryslers left the factory with seat belt anchor plates for the front seat. These anchor plates were welded to the underside of the floor as shown in the photos to the right.
When a 62 was ordered with factory seat belts, the belts were shipped for installation by the dealer, who also had the job of installing the radio antenna, wheel covers, outside rear view mirrors, etc.
Except for the 300H, seat belts were optional. For those 62s that did not receive seat belts, you'll find rubber plugs in the anchor plate nuts to act as weather seals.
To the right is another view of the anchor plate under the floor. The plates are threaded (7/16 - 20 NF) for the seat belt anchor eye bolts.
This photo shows original 1962 seat belt anchor eye bolts. Note what appears to be a lug nut on one eye bolt. This is indeed a lug nut and I have found many original installations where the eye bolts near the doors have a lug nut. I guess the lug nut acts like a spacer -- I think without the spacer, the anchor sat too deep in the carpet. I think when the dealers installed the belts they found an economical spacer with a spare lug nut.
Here are the same pieces with the lug nut removed from the eyebolt.

For the seat belts, I think the 60" style makes the best fit, as compared to the 70".
On the 60", the belt with the buckle is 35-1/4" and the other belt is 27-3/4".

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