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Corbin Clamps

"Corbin" clamps: those spring type clamps originally supplied on our old Chryslers for heater hose connections and radiator hose connections. For newer cars, I'd replace any Corbin clamps with screw type band clamps -- easier to install and never a problem. For older cars where originality was a consideration, I used to re-use old original clamps or sometimes buy new Corbin clamps.

Then I began to have problems with Corbins. First there was the 65 Chrysler that lost most of its coolant over winter storage. The problem was a Corbin clamp that cracked but did not fall apart -- you couldn't tell the clamp had failed until you put pliers on it. Later I had the same problem on another car when the clamp failed after a drive. Again, the clamp cracked but you couldn't tell. When I had the problem a third time, I replaced all Corbins everywhere. In the process of removal, several more Corbins broke.

That was enough for me. I would far prefer to sacrifice originality to ensure that heater and radiator hoses are reliably clamped. Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

Here is a healthy Corbin clamp.

Or is it?
A collection of broken Corbins.