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A Dipstick for the Master Brake Cylinder

From 1956 through 1961,
Chrysler positioned the master cylinder under the brake booster.
This makes the master cylinder reservoir nearly impossible to access.
While it is too late to shoot the engineer responsible for this design,
there is a solution: a master cylinder dip stick.

This is a 1961 300G. The previous owner was a clever but impatient fellow. He took an old master cylinder cover and an old dip stick tube, cut a hole in the cover, shortened and the tube, brazed it to the cover, and cut the dip stick to suit. Now he could quickly check his brake fluid level just by reading the dip stick. If he ever wanted to take the car for judging, he only had to reinstall the original the master cylinder cover.

A photo of the master cylinder and dip stick cover, removed from the engine for better view.