revised 01/04/2005
Ram Gaskets
These gaskets are for the ram induction system used by Chrysler in the early 60's.
These gaskets are no longer available through auto part stores.
These were custom made by a gasket fabrication shop
from high temperature exhaust gasketing material
clinched over a stainless steel core.

Long Rams
The "long rams" were used on the 1960 and 1961 Chrysler 300s
with the exception of the Pont A Mousson equipped F's.
Pictured below is a full gasket set for long rams:
four "elbow to intake" gaskets (left)
two "elbow to exhaust" (center)
and two "choke pot" gaskets (right).

The "elbow to exhaust" gasket is installed in a vertical position between
the heat inlet elbow and the exhaust manifold as shown below.
The "elbow to intake" gasket is installed in a horizontal position
on top of the heat inlet elbow as shown in the photo.

The "elbow to intake" gasket is also used on the pipe shown in the photo.
The upper end of this pipe connects with the gasket to the ram base (not shown).
The other end connects with a pipe clamp to the main exhaust pipe.
The large gasket for the main exhaust pipe is available at NAPA (F5495C).

Short Rams
For the 300J and ram K,
four "elbow to exhaust" gaskets
and four "elbow to intake" gaskets are needed.
The "choke pot" gaskets are not needed.

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