revised 02/12/2024

Mirror Base Wedge for 1963 1964 Chrysler
Passenger Side Fender Mount Mirrors

Due to the shape of the fender, 1963 and 64 Chrysler rear view mirrors require a wedge under the base for proper alignment.

Although the wedges for the driver side mirrors are available (*), the wedges for the passenger side have never been available until now.
(*) Driver side wedges won't work on the passenger side.
They are the reverse image.

To keep driver and passenger side wedges straight, the number on the driver side is 2299969, the passenger side is 2428039.

After years of waiting for someone else to do it, we made
a limited run of brass castings.
These are chrome plated and ready to install.
You may need the rubber gasket between the wedge and the fender.
These are available from Quirey Design.
Ask for the Gary Goers part number 44B.

This is the new wedge under a new mirror installed on a 63 Chrysler 300.
A word about the fit you can expect: The new wedges are slightly smaller than original pieces
due to the casting process. As such you should not expect a perfect fit
but you will have a part that works.

You may want longer screws than what come with your mirror.
If so, get #10 oval head Philips screws 1-3/4" long. 2" long will work too.

Click here for the installation video

$130.00/each + free shipping within US

Bob Merritt
PO Box 279
Auburn, NY 13021

This is the installation of the passenger mirror and wedge by Bill Elder.

For easy installation, put the mirror, base and gasket together and wrap a piece of tape around the 3 pieces. Start the screws and then remove the tape.  Finish by tightening the screws.

My left mirror is mounted 9 ¼” from the door/fender gap and the upper edge of the base is 1 ¼” below the fender line.  I used painter’s tape to cover the target area and marked out where the mirror would be located.  My aerial was in the way for the (1 ¼”) measurement.  Luckily the measurement from the fender, would allow the mirror knuckle to line up with the aerial.  I would have to move the mirror up to give me about a ¼” clearance.  Once I knew where the mirror had to go, I inserted a center punch through the slanted hole and pricked the tape underneath it.  I then gave the target a solid bang with the center punch and drilled a hole with a 1/16 bit.  When I drilled the pilot out to 1/8, I leaned the drill to approximate the screw hole angle.  I screwed the mirror in place and drilled the rear hole. 
I ran down to the gas station this morning and I really appreciated that mirror.  My driveway, out to the back garage has a dog leg.  No more worry about introducing the side of the Chrysler to the side of the house.

This is the installation of the passenger mirror and wedge on a 300J by Carl Bilter.

I installed the passenger side mirror on the J. While all modern vehicles have dual mirrors, it was rare back in the day. On a Chrysler the passenger mirror was a dealer accessory, not a factory option. The mirror has been reproduced, but the base/wedge was unobtainable. So we were grateful when my buddy Bob Merritt was able have the RH base/wedge reproduced. The new mirror comes with nice chrome screws but they are too short. So it was off to the store for #10 x 2" Phillips oval head sheet metal screws. I found them in stainless, and after a quick pass under the buff wheel the heads are as shiny as chrome. I made a template of the left side and flipped over to use on the right side. Measure three times and drill once. Score with an awl, then start with a 1/16" drill bit and work up to 9/64." Starting with a bigger bit will just walk down the fender, damaging the paint. The LH first hole was 9.75" from the door edge and 4.125" from the fender crease. A check of the new holes on the RH side shows we are spot on. The new gasket is just a bit oversized, and the new base is just a smidgen undersized, but it will be fine. Installed new RH mirror and reinstalled LH mirror after freshening. Pleased with results.