Golden Lion Grrrages
1956 Chrysler 300B

300 B production:
1,102 coupes, 0 convertibles.
233 have survived.
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This car was found in 1996 on a used car lot in New Jersey.
A collector from New York had donated this car to a church for the tax deduction.
The church had no use for it and found a used car dealer to sell it for them.

This is the interior as it arrived, a good needed washing was all it needed.

But before it came to New Jersey, this car was owned by Robert Cox in Nebraska in 1977.
Robert Cox also owned the L 4 speed featured on the 1965 page of this site.
Who would have ever guessed that these two cars would be reunited 20 years later.

The 300B engine is a 354 CID Hemi with dual Carter WCFB carburetors.
The choices for transmissions were either a two speed PowerFlite,
a three speed TorqueFlite, or a three speed manual.
This car has the two speed PowerFlite.

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