Golden Lion Grrrages
1957 Chrysler 300C

Bill Elder went to Don Rook's place in Mena, Arkansas early in 1994.
His plan was to drive the car to the 300 Club meet in St. Louis, and
then home to Windsor, Ontario. Here are some pictures of that adventure.

These are pictures of Don Rook's place. He was preparing for an auction -- you will notice some cars wearing tags.

The story is Don Rook bought this convertible from the original owner; an older gentleman
who wanted a G coupe but was forced to take the last new G that he could find.
To that end, he had the selling dealer wire all of the convertible top hinge points
so the top could not be lowered.  Don told me the top had never been down. 
This was a low miles car (30,000?) and it drove like it was new.

This is Bill's C as he bought it from Don Rook in 1994.

Black Fin begins the drive home.

Wearing an Arkansas temporary license plate.

Route 66.

Ray Jones, Louise Elder, JoAnn Jones

George Riehl's J, Bill Elder's C at the 300 Club meet in St. Louis.

The most infamous “No Tell Motel” in the US.  This was the Coral Courts, right on Route 66. 
It was closed when we were there and shortly thereafter met the wrecking ball.

Jim Krausmann and Bill Elder

Next, making the C presentable.