1984 Eldorado

This 1984 was purchased new by Judith Warnaar. Used only in good weather, the odometer reads 7,668 miles in December 2021. It is still on the original tires.
This body style came out in 1979 and continued through 1985. The 1984 model had the highest production with 74,506 units. 1984 was also the first year this model was available as a convertible (3,300 sold).
Known as the E body platform, cars were assembled at the Linden, NJ plant. Available with a gas or Diesel, we have the 4.1 L HT4100 gas V8 with 125 hp. The paint code is 78L, royal maroon metallic. The car was built in June of 1984.

These pictures were taken when the car was delivered on December 4, 2021.

The short term plan will be to give the car a cleaning and routine service.
I also need to read up on the security system............
I already know how to set it off.

December 2021. 60 degrees outside!
I washed the car in the driveway.

Original tires. The white walls brightened
after scrubbing with Bleche White.

The engine compartment is
cleaning up well.

The rocker molding will need
attention for road tar.

On my list of things to do.

A new air filter.

The Seville was also from DeMassi.

The trunk and spare tire.

The special wrench for the wheel covers.

Look close and see the plastic carpet
protector still caught in the sill plate.

The drivers side sill is done.

The way to do it.

The passenger side is done.

Wheel covers removed.
They do not come off easily.

For a thorough cleaning they will
need to be dismantled.

Brake dust on the back side.

A good scrubbing took care of that.

Cleaning the back side of the spokes.

Center medallion with finished cover.

Front seats after Lexol cleaner.

Rear seats after Lexol.

Driver side door panel after cleaning.

Driver door panel controls.

Wheel covers & white walls cleaned.

The data tag.




Time build code


6 Cadillac division of GM

EL Eldorado

57 body type


Assembly plant (Linden, NJ)


Unit number


Lower body color (royal maroon)


Upper body color (royal maroon)


Paint type


Trim combination (medium beech, dark beech)


Dual comfort front seats