Golden Lion Grrrages
1957 Chrysler 300C
1957 300C
Production of the 300C:
1,767 coupes, 484 convertibles.
387 coupes and 126 converts still exist.
The 392 hemi with the standard 9.25 CR
produces 375 HP with 2 four barrel WCFB carbs.

This car was originally sold to Kenneth Shipman by the Fegley Motor Co., Sunbury, PA. On the drivers door jam there is still an oil change sticker from a garage in Sunbury. Sometime in 1968 Mr. Shipman became ill and stored the car at his brother's farm. He passed away without ever using the car again. In 1988 Mr. Shipman's brother passed away and his niece had an estate sale. The car was purchased by Allen Dent, a Corvette collector, from Lightstreet, PA. Don Rook bought it from Mr. Dent and a few years later moved to Arkansas along with his 80+ piece car collection. Bill Elder bought the car from Don Rook in late 1993 and brought "Black Fin", as he called it, to many Chrysler 300 meets. Just before Christmas of 1999, the car came to Golden Lion Grrrages.

The 300C was available in 5 exterior colors: Jet Black, Parade Green, Copper Brown, Gauguin Red, and Cloud White. Cloud White was the most popular color at 61.5% of production (1,386). 19% were black (422), 8% Gauguin Red (183), 5% Copper Brown (111), and 5% Parade Green (103).

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