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1960 Chrysler 300F

Production of the 300 F:
964 coupes, 248 convertibles.
273 coupes and 76 convertibles still exist.
This was the first year for the ram induction system.

1960 300 F

This 300F coupe is from California.
It is one of four 300F's specially ordered
without the Flyte-Sweep trunk lid.
Yet this car has one -- a previous owner was
unaware of this and installed a Flyte-Sweep lid.
The correct lid has been found and
will be re-installed.

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This photo shows the black 300F coupe
in the process of a ground up restoration.

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on another black 300F coupe.
Behind these doors......???

The ram induction system was also available as an option
on Plymouths, Dodges, and DeSotos.

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